There are many children like me who drop their studies because of their economy. To enable them with proper education I started HEED trust to provide sewing training for women for their economic empowerment, evening free education for students, and medical assistances for elderly parents.


Join us to serve the community through the HEED trust. Helping others is a privilege and an honour. Your little contribution is enough to make an incredible difference in one’s life…Join with us!

Intervention Area

The project area Madurai, surrounded by villages, has earned the sobriquet as the “City that never sleeps”.The pioneering and concerted work by social reformists since the 1940s to repair the castes based condemnations and gender biases was gaining some modicum of success.

But the severe drought conditions at the rural agricultural lands in the Madurai district, traditional taboos coupled with other natural and ecological disasters displaced large numbers of families of agricultural labourers and small scale land owners retarded further progress.

The struggles for survival of the individual disturbed the filial relationships of family bonds. Some of the dying myths, traditions and ill-informed practices started cropping up again here and there. Females as a gender took the brunt of these setbacks.

Since the welfare of the children mainly depends on the community in which they live, HEED found it necessary to start community development programmes.

It mobilizes community sectors into active involvement and promotes community based interventions for the social development. In this light of the above experience HEED is moving forward to venture into different fields of development activities to reach many more marginal and downtrodden people of the surrounding villages of Madurai.